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Kristy Bivens
Institute Staff


Associate Manager

Kristy Bivens currently serves as office support, executive assistant as well as supporting the accounting department.

Born and raised in the city of New Orleans, Kristy has seen firsthand the impact of the neglect that unserved and underserved communities have on society as a whole. Kristy moved to California to attend college where she was formally trained in classical voice and composition. It was there that she began working with inner-city children and could clearly see where the true work was needed. She began her work with non-profits over 20 years ago providing resources and training to advocates for marginalized communities throughout the state via People, Parks and Programs. She has worked with hands-on grassroots organizations providing training and resources for rural communities, worked closely with legislators lobbying to establish laws needed to see actual change for generations to come and trained newly elected legislators to identify the areas of their communities that are lacking resources and how to implement the necessary changes. Kristy has been recognized in her field by state elected officials as well as legislators of the western states for her continual role in training and assisting them in their early careers as legislators and providing continual networking opportunities for state legislators to learn from one another in a non-partisan manner. 

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