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Yuba County – 14Forward Program


In 2016, Yuba County collaborated with local non-profits, faith-based organizations and the private sector to launch a temporary shelter community for its local homeless population. Faced with the problem of several encampments along surrounding rivers, the county created a 20-unit ‘tiny’ village of Tuff Sheds to relocate some of the homeless population. The Tuff Sheds are 12’ x 8’ tiny shelters with beds, windows and insulation. They do not have electricity or running water, but there are lavatories on-site as well as a nearby homelessness center that offers meals and showers.

After a plan was fully formulated, the village was developed in just about two months and officially opened in July 2016. Meant to function as temporary shelter, the goal of the village is to provide individuals with shelter for 30 days with supportive resources to help move tenants into more permanent housing. Since it’s opening, the on-site case managers have helped over 100 people, coordinated nearly 900 service referrals and transitioned over 45% of persons exiting the program to a permanent destination.

The village was funded through county temporary relocation funds collected from countywide code enforcement activities, a small amount of general funds as well as financial and in-kind donations.

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