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Youth Engagement and Local Planning: Ideas for Youth Commissions


This is the third in a series of Briefing Papers for youth commissions and councils offered by the Institute for Local Government (ILG). These briefing papers provide background information and ideas for activities on topics of concern to young people and their communities.

This briefing paper focuses on engaging youth in local community planning. It includes:

  • Background information about local planning;
  • Ideas for how youth commissions can learn about and be involved in local planning processes;
  • Examples of youth involvement in planning from California communities and beyond; and
  • Online and other resources to assist youth commission members and staff to learn more about this topic.

This briefing paper is a joint effort of the Public Engagement and the Sustainability/Land Use and Environment programs of the Institute for Local Government. The Institute for Local Government is the nonprofit research and education affiliate of the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties. Its mission is to promote good government at the local level with practical, impartial, and easy-to-use resources for California local officials and their communities.

See a PDF of this briefing paper at right for download.

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