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What You Need to Know Before You Get Started


Participating in activities to help enroll children in affordable health insurance complemented the broader community wellness initiative that the city is already working on with the school district and the county. It is a wonderful opportunity to enhance our existing community services activities for the community.”
— Yvonne Garrett, Director Community Services, City of La Mesa

Before you get started, it’s vitally important to understand:

  1. Current activities related to children’s health insurance that are already under way in your community; and
  2. Key facts about your target population. For more information on getting started, click here.

Successful efforts to enroll children involve using several different methods for outreach. For “how-to” descriptions of nine outreach activities that have been proven effective, click here.

Conducting outreach on affordable health insurance was just another opportunity to improve the services coming out of our community centers. It also allowed us to better serve the community that we have gotten to know very, very closely over the years.”
— Antonio Velásquez, Community Services Supervisor, City of Santa Barbara

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