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Voters Support Campaign Conduct Pledges


Some 78 percent of a sample of California voters indicated that they would be favorably influenced in favor of candidates that pledge to adhere to ethical campaign practices.1

In California, each candidate is offered the opportunity to sign a “code of campaign practices” defined by state law. Although the statutory version of the code is arguably in need of updating to reflect what voters truly react adversely to in campaign practices, the statutory code is at least a starting point. Whether a candidate has signed the code is a matter of public record.

The Institute’s has developed a proposed updated version of the code (called a pledge, to avoid confusion with the statutory version). Some community groups promote such voluntary agreements relating to campaign conduct as a way of encouraging campaigns that draw voters into the process.

The Institute welcomes feedback and suggestions on this proposed pledge; e-mail us at

1 Center for Campaign Leadership, Institute for Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley Survey (conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California), Public Opinion Towards Political Campaigns, October 28-November 4, 2002.

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