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Use of Public Resources: Special Issues
Three-Part Everyday Ethics Article Series

Every two months, the Institute analyzes different ethical dilemmas public officials are likely to face.

One issue is the special stewardship local agencies have relating to use of public resources.


The Institute offers a three-part series tackling such issues as:

  • Use of agency insignia, including: letterhead, seals,  logos, and badges.
  • Agency gift-giving, charitable donations, and fundraising activities.
  • Special issues related to expense reimbursement, such as the use of agency credit cards, travel reimbursement, and attending conferences.

All three articles are available for download in the column at right.


Sample Newsletter Article
Everyday Ethics Article Series on the Use of Public Resources

If you feel that your members or staff would find these articles useful, we would appreciate your help to get the word out. To assist, we have drafted a sample article to include in one or more of your member communications.


Thank You to Our Sponsor Meyers Nave!

ILG would like to thank the municipal law firm of Meyers Nave for its sponsorship of Everyday Ethics articles in 2013.

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