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Technology, Tools and Techniques to Improve Public Engagement



Most cities and counties make engaging the public a top priority.  But there’s always room to enhance these programs. Are you getting your feet wet with the use of technology and techniques like online public engagement?  Or maybe you’ve been doing it a while but still haven’t gotten the results you were expecting.

This webinar provided:

  • Ideas on how to use technology to get the word out and encourage more participation in the public engagement process
  • Methods to coordinate digital engagement with in person meetings and more traditional forms of outreach to obtain more public ideas and input
  • Tips on how to use this input to enhance local agency decision-making
  • Examples of cities and counties who are reaching and engaging new audiences 


  • Brian Moura – Consultant, Regional Government Services
  • Susan Stuart Clark -  Director, Common Knowledge

Video Recording

The PowerPoint presentation is available to download (at right) and the recorded webinar is below.

Technology, Tools and Techniques to Improve Public Engagement




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