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Strategies for Supporting Multigenerational Workplaces
Tues., August 22, 1:00-2:30pm


About the Webinar

Local government employers are facing a new challenge: creating a workplace culture that meets the needs of up to five generations of employees, from college graduates to near-retirees. With Gen Z being the newest members joining the public sector workforce, it is becoming clearer than ever that each generation has different outlooks on the purpose of work, what it should look like, and how workplace norms are determined. In this session, the Institute for Local Government and our partner Regional Government Services will discuss recent multigenerational workforce data trends, the benefits and challenges of a multigenerational team, and how to create a workplace culture that satisfies employees across age groups.


  • Sophia Selivanoff, Executive Director, Regional Government Services, JPA
  • Rich Oppenheim, Administrative Services Manager / Training & Development Manager, Regional Government Services, JPA
  • Debra Sabatini Hennelly, Founder & President, Resiliti

Moderated by Melissa Kuehne, Senior Program Manager, Institute for Local Government.


Strategies for Supporting Multigenerational Workplaces


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