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Stories of Public Engagement in California
Click the map to learn how local agencies are engaging the public


The Institute for Local Government has created and collected stories that illustrate successful public engagement efforts in local public decision making on a variety of topics. Refer to the key below to find a story by city, county or topic area.

The following map has been coded by the following topic areas:

  • Purple: Broadening Participation
  • Orange: Difficult Situation in Public Engagement
  • Green: Planning, Housing and Sustainability
  • Dark Blue: Budgeting
  • Aqua Blue: Health and Human Services
  • Red: Reentry, Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety
  • Brown: Public Works
  • Black: Online Public Engagement & Technology
  • Gray: Sustaining Public Engagement
  • Counties are indicated by a square.
  • Cities are indicated by a star.


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