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South San Francisco Renovates Fourplexes to Improve Neighborhood Appearance


The Community Before

Willow Gardens Neighborhood was plagued with vandalism, 23786_SoSanFrancisco.gifbroken windows, graffiti, trash, broken down cars, and buildings without property management. Police and code complaints regarding deteriorating conditions and illegal activities proliferated.

The Community23787_SoSanFrancisco1.gif Now

Willow Gardens is in the process of being transformed from a blighted, crime-ridden neighborhood into a family-oriented and pedestrian-friendly place to live.

The Project Includes:

  • Improvements such as sidewalks, awnings, trees, and trellises have helped create a more pleasant community environment.
  • A total of 20 renovated, fourplex buildings with a total of 80 rental units. At least 28 units will be for low to very low-income families.
  • Redevelopment agency is now working with five private owners on similar façade renovations on five buildings with four units each (part of the 20 buildings).
  • Close to 30 percent of the units have now been significantly improved, inside and out.

Please note:

Content in this case story may be out of date, or tools used to accomplish the outcomes may no longer be available.  However, in concept this story may still offer a good example.

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