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Step 1: Internal Organizational 

  • Consider beneficial organizational shifts
    • For example: public engagement assigned within job description(s); commitment to train electeds and staff in public engagement policy and/or skills; ongoing communication strategies that go beyond traditional methods such as ethnic media
    • Send out periodic surveys to understand satisfaction with public engagement related efforts and policies
    • Ask for help when needed from organizations like ILG and/or consultants

Step 2: External- Your Community

  • Consider beneficial shifts in external relations
    • For example: set and track metrics related to in-person and phone meetings with diverse and underrepresented community members, choose time bound goals; engage with local leadership programs 

Step 3: Policy Change 

  • Consider policy review/change/adoption 
    • Commitment to review public engagement related policies if they have not been systematically reviewed in the last ten years
    • Adopt a resolution demonstrating commitment to public engagement

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