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Share Your Agency’s Climate Action Story


Thank you for your interest in sharing your agency’s climate action story. The Web portal’s case stories provide descriptions of best practices, new policies, and innovative local actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in both agency facilities or the community at large.

What is your agency doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Use this short, user-friendly form to share information about your agency’s climate actions. You may complete as much or as little of the form as you wish. Please be sure to indicate contact information and don’t forget to include links or resource documents that provide more detailed information.

Please provide a 1-3 sentence description of your agency’s climate action program or policy

In 1-3 sentences, please describe why, and when, your agency established this climate action program or policy.

In 1-3 sentences, please describe the results the climate action program or policy has achieved.

Please provide links to Web pages and documents related to this climate action program or policy.

Please share a few brief key lessons that would be helpful to other agencies developing similar programs or policies.

Please provide a program contact for more information

Please share any other additional information on your climate action policy or program.

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