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Selected Guides on Youth Engagement


Here are a few useful how-to guides from other organizations on creating effective youth commissions and encouraging youth engagement.


Authentic Youth Civic Engagement: A Guide for Municipal Leaders
National League of Cities, 2010

This guide provides a definition of what makes youth civic engagement “authentic” and a framework for providing meaningful opportunities for youth participation in local government.


A Guide for Creating a City Youth Council
Florida League of Cities, December 2008

This guide serves as a “road map” for cities wanting to start a youth council.


Youth Voices in Community Design: A How-To Guide for Adults on Involving Youth in Community Planning
California Center for Civic Participation, 2004

This handbook is primarily directed toward planners, local and state government officials, nonprofit organizations, and educators at the high school and college levels. However, just about anyone in the public or private sector looking to engage youth in their communities will find it useful.


A Kid’s Guide to Building Great Communities: A Manual for Planners and Educators
Canadian Institute of Planners

This guide assists planners and educators in helping young people learn about planning and community development.

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