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San Leandro Creates Affordable Rental Units for Developmentally Disabled Adults



The Community Before

Fuller Gardens was an auto-wrecking yard fronting on San Leandro’s main thoroughfare. The buildings were old and worn, and upkeep had been minimal. The San Leandro Redevelopment Agency was interested in supporting a housing project for city residents with special needs.

The Community Now

23791_SanLeandro1.gifWith $1.3 million in redevelopment funding, affordable rental units were built for developmentally disabled adults. There are 12 one-bedroom units, three two-bedroom units, and a unit for the resident manager, along with a community room, an organic garden, and donated interior artwork created by developmentally disabled artists.

Redevelopment helped this community by:

  • Building 16 one- and two-bedroom units for developmentally disabled adults
  • Creating a 100 percent affordable housing project to very low (at or below 50 percent area median) income residents, which will be for 55 years
  • Investing $130,000 in environmental cleanup
  • Improving streets, sidewalks and landscaping

Please note:

Content in this case story may be out of date, or tools used to accomplish the outcomes may no longer be available.  However, in concept this story may still offer a good example.

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