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Sacramento’s Downtown Strategic Action Plan


Location: Sacramento
Issue: Sacramento’s Downtown Strategic Action Plan
Methodology: Strategic Planning with Expert Assistance (MIG) – Participatory Planning Process
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Downtown Sacramento aspired to re-establish itself as the region’s center of commerce, civic identity and distinct urban experiences. In 2005 Sacramento was experiencing low unemployment, high job growth and a demand for new office development, which resulted in a necessity of a proper redevelopment of the city’s downtown. In order to achieve a successful reemergence of Downtown Sacramento an organization known as the Downtown Sacramento Partnership was created. The Downtown Sacramento Partnership (DSP) is a nonprofit organization with the sole focus of establishing a vibrant business, cultural, and entertainment center through unification with both the private and public sectors.

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership was started by key business, community and government leaders, who engaged in dialogue with one another to improve and upgrade the conditions of Downtown Sacramento.

In order to create an effective and efficient Strategic Action Plan to guide future development of Sacramento’s downtown, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership hired nationally acclaimed planning firm MIG (Moore Iacofano Goltsman). MIG’s planning process, which includes significant civic involvement, focused on two important goals: building trust and establishing a transparent process. The Strategic Action Plan included a development framework that connected Sacramento’s assets with key opportunity sites to create development, as well as a mixed-use, pedestrian, transit-orientated Downtown, which would serve as the core center of the city. MIG continues their work with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership and the area’s residents to consistently guide the city with future implementation efforts.

Case story provided by Common Sense California ( Sacramento is a grantee of Common Sense California’s 2008 Citizen Engagement Grant Program.


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