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Resources to Support Your Efforts
Health & Public Safety


Check out the resources on this page to learn how community environments can be designed to support crime prevention - thereby increasing resident safety, facilitating resident involvement, and cultivating vibrant communities.


Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and strategies support proper design and effective use of the built environment as important ingredients to reducing fear and crime incidence, and improving community quality of life.  More information is available from the International CPTED Association.


Dangerous by Design 2011
Transportation for America

Transportation for America released this report highlighting the most dangerous places to walk and the federal and state transportation expenditures in those locations.


Designs and Codes that Reduce Crime Around Multifamily Housing
Local Government Commission

A handout from the Local Government Commission on design features that promote community cohesion and reduce crime, with pictures to compare scenarios.


Safe Growth America Checklist
American Planning Association, 2004

Created by the American Planning Association , this checklist provides a starting point for analyzing neighborhood safety features.


Design for Health: Planning Information Sheets

The Design for Health Comprehensive Plan and Ordinance Series provides planners information about opportunities to address health through the planning process.  The information sheets are organized by health topic and by planning concept for ease of use by both planners and health professionals.


Design Centre for CPTED

A nonprofit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia that offers resources for Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, including design principles and guidelines.


Safe Routes to School for Law Enforcement Web site

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hosts a web-based resource for law enforcement officers. The Safe Routes to School for Law Enforcement website provides tips, tools and other materials to help law enforcement officers get involved in Safe Routes to School (SRTS), a national effort to enable and encourage children to safely walk and bike to school.

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