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Reporting the Source of a Gift


A public official who receives a gifts valued at $50 or more from a single source must identify the source to correctly report the gift on his or her Statement of Economic Interests and stay below the annual $440 gift limit.  This is because the gift reporting requirement and limit are tied to gifts from a single source.

The resource sheet in the box at right covers issues related to reporting the source of a gift, including:

  • When one receives a gift through an intermediary; and
  • Reporting gifts from multiple sources.

A key goal of the gift reporting requirements is enabling the public and media to know from whom public officials receive gifts.  Accurately reporting the source is therefore central to compliance. 


Statement of Economic Interests (Definition)

Basic Explanation

Public officials who make governmental decisions that could affect their personal financial interests must annually disclose certain personal investments, interests in real property, sources of income, gifts, loans and business positions. 

This disclosure occurs on a form called a “Statement of Economic Interests.”  This form is also referred to by the acronym “SEI” or its number (Form 700). 

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