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Redwood City Creates Mixed-Use Development Which Includes Low-Income Housing




The Community Before

This site was home to an abandoned gas station and several dilapidated buildings, some of which were boarded up. A nearby hotel was a hotbed for prostitution, drug use and drug sales were rampant, and homeless people were loitering and sleeping in the area.

The Community Now

23783_Redwood1.gifRedwood City’s City Center Plaza is a shining example of how successful mixed-use development can rejuvenate and revitalize a neighborhood.

The Project Involved:

  • Creating 43 construction and 21 permanent jobs
  • Building 81 new affordable homes for low- to moderate-income families with rents ranging from $495-$918 per month
  • Renovating an entire block to create new and welcoming entrances into the downtown area
  • Attracting several new businesses and creating a public space enjoyed by both residents and the public

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