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Public Participation Plans


To increase public participation and enhance collaboration between residents, state agencies and local agencies in regional planning, SB 375 requires specific public participation plans for five types of decisions.

These include decisions include:

  • the Regional Transportation Plan,
  • the Sustainable Communities Strategy,
  • the Alternative Planning Strategy (if one is prepared),
  • the Regional Housing Needs Assessment,
  • and the Housing Element.

Senate Bill 375 expands upon existing public participation requirements related to regional transportation planning in California for the state’s 18 MPOs.  Public participation plans in these regions must now define a proactive process to provide all interested parties, including people traditionally underserved by existing transportation systems, a reasonable opportunity to be involved in regional transportation planning.  These plans outline specifically how public input will shape the development of a new regional strategy for growth that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks. 

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