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Public Engagement in California Policymaking


WHAT: A conversation among state leaders, funders and civic engagement practitioners involved in recent public deliberations on statewide issues.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 9:30 am - 3:00 pm. Lunch will be served.

WHERE: The California State Association of Counties Conference Center 1020 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA

A select group of invited state policymakers, senior foundation staff, leading civic engagement providers and other stakeholders will convene to:

  • Assess recent public deliberation efforts that have addressed statewide issues in California, and
  • Make recommendations for improving the use and impacts of such civic participation strategies in California in the future.

This event is sponsored by California Forward and the Institute for Local Government. For more information about the session agenda and discussion, please contact Terry Amsler at or 916.658.8263.  To RSVP, please contact Stacy Danielson a or 916.491.0022. 


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