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Promoting Effective Public Participation at Governing Body Meetings
Opportunities to Deepen Public Participation and Trust


This publication offers suggestions for improving the process of successfully receiving public input at regular local agency meetings. Key goals are to make this input most useful to decision makers and more satisfying to participating residents themselves.

Regular public agency meetings, such as governing body or planning commission meetings, typically represent the bulk of local agency public meeting  activity. Such meetings offer a good opportunity to increase public understanding and engagement related to the issues decision-makers are grappling.

This publication is an update of the Institute’s prior publication “Getting the Most Out of Public Hearings.”



Preparing for Successful Public Meetings: Checklist for Before, During and After

Use this simple checklist to review your steps before a meeting, during a meeting and afterwards to create well-organized and inclusive public meetings.                                               

Preparing for Successful Meeting: Checklist for Before, During and After


Communicating Effectively in Public Service:
The Virtues of Plain Language

An easy thing elected officials and staff can do to promote transparency and trust in one’s agency is encouraging all agency communications to be in plain language.

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