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Planning & Service Prioritization


Location: Antioch
Issue: Planning & Service Prioritization
Methodology: Facilitated Meetings

In January 2007, the Antioch Chamber of Commerce began the 18 month research phase of a long term community vision plans entitled Clear Vision 2020. The committee held informational meetings with experts and officials that specialized in transportation, education, essential services, community amenities, natural resources and economic development. The goal was to determine the key issues in these areas bring the various groups together in a shared focus and set a program of community outreach, education, advocacy and benchmark reviews.

The project research has been completed and we are moving into the education and advocacy phase. This grant would allow a more in depth printed presentation and fund at least one or two of our community outreach forums. The goal is to make the community aware of the issues and find ways to engage businesses, governmental entities and the greater community in being part of the solution. Because the key agencies were involved in the process, we have their buy in to make this the vision piece that all of Antioch can look to throughout the next 10+ years.

Another component is to create groups that monitor the benchmarks that have been set. From that perspective, we hope to aid in steering these groups back on target or celebrate their success.

CSC supported this project with a $7,500.00 Catalyst Grant.

Case story provided by Common Sense California ( Antioch is a grantee of Common Sense California’s 2008 Citizen Engagement Grant Program.

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