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Orange County Improves Housing Conditions


The Community Before

The site was comprised of 58 older apartment units that suffered fr23805_Orange.gifom long-term deferred maintenance and overcrowding. 

The apartment project had the highest incident of police calls and code enforcement activities in the City. Because it was an entryway to the historic Old Town Tustin commercial district, it presented a substantial impediment to the agency’s revitalization efforts of that area.

Redevelopment of the site required agency assistance to reduce the cost of the property to the qualified buyer. The agency also provided previous tenants with vastly improved housing conditions and enabled 12 of them to purchase their own homes.23806_Orange1.gif

The Community Now

The Ambrose Lane project reflects a successful blending of private sector development and Agency involvement to provide viable infill housing.

Results include:

  • 38 new single-family homes at prices affordable to moderate-income homebuyers centrally located in Orange County
  • Attractive additions to the surrounding community and economic district
  • Increasing property values instep with surrounding Orange County
  • Homebuyers at Ambrose Lane can walk to the shops and restaurants in Old Town Tustin thus enhancing the pedestrian activity in the area and contributing to the economic revitalization of the neighborhood


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