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New Law Broadens Public Engagement and Local Government Input in Regional Planning for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions


SB 375, authored by Senator Steinberg, directs the California Air Resources Board to set regional targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and establishes a “bottom up” approach to ensure that cities and counties are involved in the development of regional plans to achieve those targets.

Building on the existing framework of regional planning, SB 375 requires additional public and local government input into the development of regional transportation plans. The new law requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies to broaden public engagement and outreach. SB 375 also connects the regional allocation of housing needs with regional transportation planning in an effort to reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions. Aligning these regional plans is intended to help the California Air Resources Board achieve GHG reduction goals for cars and light trucks under AB 32, the state’s landmark climate change legislation. For more information, visit the Institute’s Overview of SB 375, which has links to detailed analyses by the League and CSAC.




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