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New Guides, Reports, and Articles on Youth Public Engagement



Journal of Planning Education and Research

Engaging Schools in Urban Revitalization (Youth – Plan, Learn, Act, Now!) by Deborah L. McKoy and Jeffrey M. Vincent, describes Y-PLAN as a model for youth civic engagement in city redevelopment planning projects. This article focuses on the original West Oakland, California, Y-PLAN initiative to understand what makes this process of participation meaningful, legitimate, and sustainable. Particular attention is paid to the Y-PLAN model’s evolution and transition over time and to the factors that have increased its legitimization in revitalization initiatives.

National Civic Review

The winter 2009 edition of the National Civic Review featured an article, Youth Participation in Public Policy at the Local level: New Lessons from Michigan Municipalities. The article highlights strategies for strengthening youth participation in public policy at the local level.

American Planning Association

Youth Participation in Community Planning (PAS Report #486), is a report from the American Planning Association (1999), that provides an overview of successful participation program from around the country. Available in photocopy; visit

Guides, Reports, and Books

National League of Cities

The National League of City’s Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (IYEF) published The State of City Leadership for Children and Families. This report highlights the broad range of innovations and trends in municipal leadership to promote child and family well-being, and identifies 32 of the nation’s most cutting-edge city strategies to help children and families thrive. It includes a chapter on youth civic engagement.

IYEF has also published a new action kit for municipal leaders, Creating A Youth Master Plan. This kit offers tips and advice for cities seeking to develop a shared framework and improve coordination of services and opportunities for children and youth.

Pew Research Center

Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next.Confident.Connected.Open to Change is a recent Pew Research Center report that “capture’s the nature of the nation’s newest generation: the Millennials, that is, Americans in their teens and twenties.” The report lays out values, attitudes and behaviors of Millennials in comparison with older generations.

Youth Development Network

The new e:merge Capital Region Resource Guide offers tips for raising healthy, successful youth. Topics include The California Healthy Kids Survey, conflict resolution, how to help keep your children safe, healthy and substance free, resolving conflicts, dating violence, gangs, teen depression, and more.

A new report from the Youth Development Network explores the benefits of youth civic engagement through service learning. “Youth Service and Civic Engagement: Involving Young People as Civic Leaders through Community-Based Learning,” explores the growing trend towards offering service learning opportunities in California schools, and highlights some examples from the Sacramento region. The report also lists benefits to students, schools, and communities that youth engagement through service learning can offer, with specific recommendations for school boards, community based organizations and government agencies.

Youth & Participatory Politics

The Civic and Political Significance of Online Participatory Cultures among Youth Transitioning to Adulthood, a working paper from Youth & Participatory Politics, examines youth engagement in nonpolitical online participatory cultures as a gateway to participation in important aspects of civic and political life.

Youth & Participatory Politics is an interdisciplinary network of scholars working together to understand the ways youth participation in online networks is shaping and reshaping youth civic and political engagement in the public sphere.

Youth Today

Youth Today: the Newspaper on Youth Work is the only independent, nationally distributed newspaper that is read by thousands of professionals in the youth service field. Some of the issues covered include Youth Development, Juvenile Justice, Adolescent Health, Job Training and School-to-Work, and more.

Youth Participatory Evaluation: Strategies for Engaging Young People by Cathi MacRae provides an introduction to the practice of involving young people in the process of evaluating the programs, organizations, agencies, and systems that have been designed to serve them. The book describes the benefits of youth participatory evaluation (YPE) as well as strategies to design and conduct YPE projects. The book is available for purchase at Youth Today.

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