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National Citizenship Campaigns


Resources that local governments can share with immigrants in their community who are eligible to apply for citizenship

The New Americans Campaign  – An innovative collaboration between legal-service providers, businesses, faith-based groups, community leaders, and nonprofit foundations offers a wide range of services, including free large-scale application-processing workshops, innovative technology efforts. 

Mobile App Helps Eligible Immigrants Apply for Citizenship
Citizenship Works is an interactive software that provides free, step-by-step naturalization information as well as the forms needed to complete the naturalization process.

Citizenship Works provides:

  • An interactive online interview to help individuals understand their eligibility.
  • A self-paced interactive tutorial that explains the naturalization process step by step.
  • An online tutorial to help applicants prepare for the naturalization tests.
  • Links to other resources and information about citizenship and naturalization available online.

Individuals who use Citizenship Works should consult with an attorney or BIA-accredited representative to make sure they have understood and fulfilled all the naturalization requirements.


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