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Napa Audits Business Waste to Boost Recycling


Each year, the City of Napa determines its 25 largest commercial trash generators and automatically audits their waste composition in an effort to reduce trash and increase recycling.

These businesses receive an in-depth analysis of what should be recycled and how to set up a system to capture all recyclables on-site. In addition, the remaining smaller trash generators from the business sector each receive a mini-audit to help reduce their trash bill. Every year, the business that does the best job of recycling receives a $1,000 prize.

Why should Napa businesses pay attention to waste audit findings and take advantage of recycling services? It’s because recycling services are free and trash service is not. For example, the City of Napa has a 10-year contract with Napa Recycling & Waste Services to encourage diversion by offering more opportunities for recycling. The City of Napa provides its customers with both interior and exterior recycling bins ranging in size from three-gallon to 32-gallon containers. It’s not surprising that many of the city’s 1,200 businesses request a waste audit to help reduce their trash bill.

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