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Lafayette Creates a Transit-Oriented Development That Includes Affordable Housing



The Community Before

Ten years ago this underused, five-acre site along the city’s main thoroughfare housed marginal businesses, boarded-up buildings and Lafayette’s corporation yard.

There was also possible contamination from an old gas station. Yet the site was minutes from a freeway off-ramp and within walking distance of a BART station. The city knew there was a brighter future for this site. 

The Community Now

23775_Lafayette1.gifThe city council created a discussion group to help identify guidelines aimed at creating a proposal that would garner community and developer support. The final project includes a transit station with retail space; 75 apartments with 15 of those units reserved for low-income families and individuals; and a footpath to BART. The Redevelopment Agency and developer are working to add 60 condominiums to the project, a plan that would include more low-income units. This was Lafayette’s first affordable housing project.

Redevelopment helped this community by:

  • Creating 22,000 square feet of retail space fronting the city’s main thoroughfare
  • Building 75 apartments, including units for very low-income households
  • Creating a public plaza
  • Providing needed access to BART
  • Making street, sidewalk and landscape improvements
  • Enhancing the creek corridor and walkway, now a major open space area in Lafayette

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