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Institute for Local Government Releases New Publication: Alternative Dispute Resolution: Navigating Special Legal Issues in Public Agency Disputes


The Institute for Local Government has published Alternative Dispute Resolution: Navigating Special Legal Issues in Public Agency Disputes, the second publication in a series of resources to encourage and support local officials’ use of alternative dispute resolution to address disputes and disagreements between public agencies. The guide was published thanks to the generous support of Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP and the JAMS Foundation.

Public agency decision-making, unlike that of private disputants, is subject to a number of laws designed to impart transparency and fairness to local agency decision-making.

Examples include laws relating to:

  • Delegation of legislative authority
  • Open meetings;
  • Public records disclosure; and
  • Public hearings requirements.

This resource is available without charge in electronic form at Hardcopies are also available for a small charge. Proceeds from all publications sales support the Institute’s work in service to local officials.

This publication is the product of the Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution Program ( Also available on the Institute’s website is information about situations in which local agencies have used alternative dispute resolution to resolve interagency disputes, as well as information about the conflict assessment services the Institute offers. The site also includes a link to the Munilink database which offers local agencies information on professionals available to provide alternative dispute resolution services.

The Institute for Local Government is the nonprofit research affiliate of the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties. The Institute promotes good government at the local level through forward-thinking resources to help local officials in their service to their communities.

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