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Immigrant Engagement and Integration Resources

  • The Institute for Local Government, through its Public Engagement program, has published, A Local Official’s Guide to Immigrant Civic Engagement, and a two-page summary, Ten Ideas to Encourage Immigrant Engagement.Find these and all public engagement resources at
  • The Association for the Study and Development of Community published, Lessons Learned about Civic Participation among Immigrants, which offers lessons learned from the Civic Participation Initiative sponsored by the Washington Area Partnership for Immigrants. This handbook identifies barriers to immigrant civic participation, strategies to overcome them, and gives recommendations for supporting sustained immigrant civic participation. View the publication at
  • The Barr Foundation published, Immigrant Engagement in Public Open Space: Strategies for a New Boston. This guide offers strategies for parks and recreation agencies to better connect with and serve the needs of immigrants. View this guide at
  • The Carnegie Corporation of New York published, The House We All Live In: A Report on Immigrant Civic Integration. View this publication at
  • The Catholic Legal Immigration Network has an extensive online portal to reports, guides and articles related to civic participation in immigrant and refugee communities and building communities through dialogue. Visit their website at
  • The Colorado Trust and the Colorado Municipal League published, The Role of Municipal Leaders in Helping Immigrants Become an Integral Part of Colorado’s Communities. View the guide at
  • Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) has published Investing in Our Communities: Strategies for Immigrant Integration (A Toolkit for Grantmakers)as well as well as Pursuing Democracy’s Promise: Newcomer Civic Participation in America(with the Funders Committee of Civic Participation). A number of immigrant-related reports are also available including Keeping Safe: A Guide to Engaging Limited-English Proficient Residents in Emergency Preparedness. Visit or call GCIR at (707) 824-4374.
  • Mosaica: The Center for Nonprofit Development and Pluralism and CLINIC have made available Promoting Refugee Civic Participation: A Guide for Getting Started which offers strategies, case stories, and rationale for any ogranization or agency wishing to engage refugees and the broader immigrant community. View the guide at
  • The Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington has an online compendium of resources for local officials interested in immigrant engagement and integration. Visit their website at
  • The Public Policy Institute has released numerous publications on immigrants and immigration in California. Visit their website at


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