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Healthy Workplaces Case Stories


These case stories provide example of creating healthy workplaces. Each story includes lessons learned, links to additional resources and can serve as examples other agencies may consider and adapt to meet their communities’ unique circumstances.

Case Story

City of Riverside Wellness Program Decreases Sick Time and Improves Employee Health and Morale

In the face of an economic downturn and rising health insurance costs, The City of Riverside implemented a wellness program for its 2,400 employees. The program provides educational resources, fitness events, health fairs, and wellness incentives.  It has had wide employee participation and is adding elements yearly. The program has decreased employee sick time, improved the health of employees, built positive relationships within the community, promoted positive employee/employer relationships, and reduced the rate of the city life insurance plan.

Case Story

Ventura County Invests in Employee Health and Reduces Health Care Costs

Seeking ways to help curb rising medical claims and costs, the County of Ventura’s Board of Supervisors approved a recommendation by the Labor Management Committee to establish a wellness program for employees. Starting in 1985, the Wellness Program has evolved and expanded to provide a wide variety of programs and services that are effective in improving the health and wellness of employees and their families.

Case Story

Grass Valley Develops Program for Workforce Housing

The City of Grass Valley, like many other communities, has a shortage of affordable or workforce housing. This community’s workforce includes teachers, police officers and nurses. These people work in Grass Valley but are unable to buy a home in Grass Valley.

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