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Health and Other Human Services – California Stories


Learn about how California local agencies are successfully involving residents to address local health and other human services-related issues.

Case Story

Public Engagement: The Core of Reinventing Government Service Delivery in Sonoma County

Community: Sonoma County

Population: 491,829


In an effort to adapt to the changing demographics of its community, Sonoma County developed a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure that the emerging local needs were better understood and met. By incorporating public engagement practices on an ongoing basis, the county has been able to form public-private partnerships and receive community input which led to significant changes of service delivery systems that address the health needs of low income, Latino and aging adult populations.

Case Story

City of Delano Engages Residents in Healthy Planning

The fast growing City of Delano is collaborating with community partners to successfully engage a cross section of residents in the General Plan Update process, with a particular emphasis on public health and safety.

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