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Green Building Resources: Local Ordinances


View examples of green building ordinances from cities and counties that can be adapted to support your work.


Attorney General’s List of Local Green Building Ordinances in California

The Attorney General’s office has created a document that identifies the various approaches to green building ordinances that local agencies have taken and the most common features of the measures. The document includes links to mandatory green building ordinances.


Daly City Green Building Ordinance

Daly City’s green building ordinance requires new single and multi-family residential buildings to be constructed in an effort to reduce construction waste, improve energy efficiency, conserve water, and promote building practices and materials that protect the environment and the inhabitants.


City of Belmont’s Tough Green Building Ordinance

The Belmont City Council approves a tough green building ordinance that requires residential and commercial builders and homeowners to earn “green points” before the city grants them a permit. The adoption of this new ordinance was a result of a recommendation by the city’s green advisory committee, which was formed in 2007.


San Rafael’s 2010 Green Building Ordinance

The City of San Rafael passed a mandatory green building ordinance in 2007 that was applicable to new residential and commercial construction only. As a result of their 2009 Climate Action Plan, the city has updated their green building ordinance to include remodeled buildings. Learn about the City of San Rafael’s 2010 mandatory green building ordinance.


Napa Passes Tougher Green Building Standards

The City of Napa recently adopted stricter green building standards to include all new residential and commercial buildings.


San Carlos Green Building Ordinance

The City of San Carlos has adopted a Green Building Ordinance (August 2010). Read more to access a PDF of the ordinance.


Santa Clara County Green Building Ordinance

In December 2008, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors adopted a Green Building Ordinance with new requirements for single-family homes in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County.

View the ordinance here

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