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Glendale Converts Vacant Lot Into Senior Housing



The Community Before

The site that is now Heritage Park was a weed-covered vacant lot that previously contained multi-unit residences that were considered substandard and subject to numerous code compliance citations.

Like many other cities in the area, Glendale was trying to find ways to address the challenges of providing affordable housing for a growing population.

The Community Now

23807_Glendale1.jpgCompleted in 2004, Heritage Park at Glendale is a 52-unit, four story affordable rental housing project for lower income seniors. There are 46 one-bedroom units and 6 two-bedroom units.

The building includes design features for senior residents, such as levered door handles and faucets. In addition, all units have been designed to be adaptable for those residents with disabilities.

Nearly 3,500 applications were submitted, demonstrating an enormous demand for the housing units.


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