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Fremont Youth Advisory Commission


The Fremont Youth Advisory Commission identifies issues and concerns of special importance to teens and communicates those issues to the City Council and Recreation Commission.

Involvement in Local Government

The city council and city departments consult with the Youth Advisory Commission on policy issues affecting young people. For example, the police department worked with the Youth Advisory Commission on a proposed curfew ordinance.

Community Service

Each year the Youth Advisory Commission organizes a citywide student conference that helps junior high students prepare for their transition to high school. This transition can be stressful for many students, and the conference addresses their concerns about issues like peer pressure in a non-threatening way. The one-day Junior High Leadership Conference includes students from both public and private schools.

In 2007 the conference celebrates its 15th anniversary. The commission received a California Healthy Cities and Communities Special Achievement award for its work on the Junior High Leadership Conference.

Future projects on the commission’s agenda include using You Tube and the local public access channel to publicize youth activities in Fremont, like concerts and other events. The commission is also looking into organizing band nights and advertising local teen bands.


The Youth Commission has 13 teenage members representing five districts. Terms of office are two years. The Youth Advisory Commission will recommend candidates to the City Council for final consideration and appointment.

Qualified applicants must be:

  • a resident of the City of Fremont
  • in the 7th through 12th grade
  • willing to commit about 6 hours a month for meetings and committees

The Youth Advisory Commission is supported by a city staff member. The city council established the Youth Advisory Commission by ordinance in 1989.


Rena Dein
Recreation Supervisor
(510) 494-4344

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