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Ethics Booklets


These are other resources the Institute has produced over the years to assist local officials on various aspect of ethics.

Suggestions on improving these resources is always welcome.


Developing a Local Agency Ethics Code: A Process-Oriented Guide

To respond to local agencies’ interest in understanding more about the hows and whys of adopting ethics codes, the Institute developed a guide to walk them through the process.

Ethics Law Compliance Best Practices

Public Agency Ethics Law Compliance Checklist

How can a local agency official minimize the likelihood that his or her agency will experience an ethics scandal? This checklist can help. It offers a series of questions agency officials can ask themselves to make sure the agency has practices in place designed to maximize compliance with a wide variety of ethics-related laws.


Beyond Compliance: Assessing Your Agency’s Ethics Culture

A key question for local agencies is the degree to which ethical standards influence decision-making by both the agency and individuals within the agency. The ethics culture assessment tool, at the right, assists with that inquiry.

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