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June 2020


A Message From ILG’s Executive Director

Happy Pride Month! This year’s LGBTQIA Pride celebrations have taken a slightly different approach as many institutions and individuals explore the true meaning of equity and inclusion in a modern, democratic society.

During this unique time in our nation’s history, the team at ILG has appreciated the opportunity to reflect on our core values and reinforce our mission to help local government leaders navigate the complexity of their important roles. Now, more than ever, we believe that fair practices paired with inclusive and authentic public engagement lead to good governance and healthy, thriving communities, which is why we are working hard to ensure we have the right resources available to help local leaders champion equity, justice, and inclusion.

This newsletter issue will celebrate those values.

Board Member Spotlight

Pat Martel
City Manager, Daly City (Ret.)
West Coast Regional Director, ICMA

What was the driving force for you entering public service?

I pursued a career in local government to help create change in society and work to improve the responsiveness of government at all levels in meeting the needs of people on an equitable basis. As a child growing up during the civil rights era in the sixties, I saw the institutionalized injustices that contributed to so many people feeling disenfranchised and without a voice to address their grievances. My commitment to public service was to provide a voice for those who felt unheard and to work toward ensuring that every resident would be served in a fair and equitable manner. As an openly gay, woman of color working in public service, I’ve tried to bring a different perspective to my profession as well as to the people I’ve served.

What does it mean to you being a person of color and LGBTQ in your role in local government?

As an openly gay, woman of color, I was the “first” in every position that I held in local government throughout my career. In the early years, as an emerging leader, it meant that I didn’t have role models or mentors who shared my cultural experience or perspective. On the other hand, my experience created many rich opportunities for me to connect with people in the community and staff in the organizations I served who viewed me as one of them. This was empowering for them because many had never worked with someone of my gender and cultural background in a chief executive capacity. It opened doors for me, but it also allowed me to open doors for others. It led me to become the role model and mentor for others that I never had.

What are the biggest challenges facing local government right now?

The current efforts to respond to and recover from COVID-19 are now being overshadowed by the public outrage over recurring incidents of police abuse and the Black Lives Matter movement aimed at eradicating systemic racism. Our residents have united in their demand for change and look to local government leaders to be courageous in convening community dialogues to strategize how to replace the institutional structures that have allowed systemic racism to persist.

Read more.

ILG Helps Secure Nearly $12 Million in Cap-and-Trade Funds for Three BOOST Communities

We’re excited to announce that three cities participating in our BOOST Pilot Program have been awarded nearly $12 million in Cap-and-Trade funds from the California Strategic Growth Council to help meet California’s statewide climate change and equity goals.

The City of Arcata partnered with the Yurok Indian Housing Authority on the Arcata 30th Street Commons Project, which received the first Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant awarded to a California Native American Tribe. The $11.4 million grant will fund 36 units of affordable housing, several bike lanes, 1,000 feet of safe accessible walkways, a one-mile active transportation multi-use trail, and a pedestrian bridge that will connect Tribal members and City of Arcata residents to surrounding neighborhoods and amenities including the city’s closest grocery store.

The City of Ventura was selected to receive a Proposition 84 Wildfire Resiliency and Recovery Planning Grant of nearly $200,000. The city recently experienced a wildfire threat from the Thomas Fire, which caused more than $2.2 billion in damage. The Prop. 84 grant will ensure the city is better equipped to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters, and that Ventura is more capable of addressing the increasing wildfire threats brought on by climate change. Ventura will use the funding to create a Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) plan that the city will develop in conjunction with its General Plan Update.

The City of San Diego partnered with the Environmental Health Coalition, which received a $200,000 Transformative Climate Communities Planning Grant. This funding will support a collaborative effort to conduct community engagement and planning for the Barrio Logan and Logan Heights neighborhoods. Engagement efforts will focus on affordable housing, urban greening and climate-resilience education through local cultural centers.

Read more.

New Inclusive Clean Mobility Options Roll Out in Arvin

Each month, we highlight one of our 12 BOOST communities, which are part of a unique pilot program coordinated by ILG and funded by the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC). Learn more about BOOST here.

ILG’s Associate Program Manager Nicole Enright recently authored an article in Western City Magazine about Miocar — a new, clean and affordable mobility solution in the City of Arvin that is accessible to all residents, regardless of income or access to car insurance. Miocar is a new, innovative car-sharing technology that is part of Arvin’s long-term strategy to increase access to clean transportation options. Car-sharing technologies like Míocar can be found statewide, but are especially needed in San Joaquin Valley communities with small populations, long travel distances, and limited transit service. This inclusive technology has opened up new opportunities for residents and helped close transportation gaps.

Arvin’s comprehensive mobility effort involves pursuing grant funding for EV chargers, electric buses, and other innovative mobility services made possible through technology and community partnerships, and connecting residents with EV incentives.

Read more.

Last Chance to Get the Recognition for Your Agency’s Sustainability Efforts!

Beacon Award Deadline Extended

For over a decade, ILG’s Beacon Program has provided a framework to help local governments implement energy and climate action initiatives in their communities as well as recognize local governments for these efforts. Last year, ILG honored over 30 cities and counties with awards in Long Beach.

The application window for 2020 award consideration has been extended to July 31. Participating cities and counties can apply for awards in the following categories: Energy Savings, Natural Gas Savings, Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions, Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Sustainability Best Practices.

Apply for a Beacon or Spotlight Award here!

New Deadline to Apply: July 31

Become a Participant Anytime

Local agencies are welcome to participate in the Beacon Program. Participants have the opportunity to share, learn and connect with other local agencies that are implementing sustainability best practices, saving energy and reducing GHG emissions. ILG provides resources and technical support to assist participants on their journey. There is no deadline to apply to participate in the program. Learn how to become a participant here.

Language Access is Key to Authentic Engagement

Language access is closely connected to equity and authentic engagement. ILG has a number of resources to support local agencies that need assistance with language access or interpretation, including physical Interpretation Equipment that can be used for simultaneous and consecutive translation during public meetings. The equipment is designed to work in concert with a live translator. ILG has approximately 60 headsets and two transmitters that are available to loan out. We plan to resume equipment reservations when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. For more information or to indicate your interest in a future reservation, please contact Hanna Stelmakhovych at

Funding: LEAP Grant Deadline Extended until January 31, 2021.

Funding resources are still available to help cities and counties address their housing needs, including HCD’s Local Early Action Planning Grants (LEAP) Program. LEAP funding can be used to update local planning documents, revamp local planning processes and create innovative programs that facilitate housing in California communities.

The LEAP application has recently been extended until January 31, 2021. Learn more and apply here.

The latest State budget legislation also extended the deadline for encumbering SB2 planning dollars to December 31, 2020 and expending those funds no later than December 31, 2023.

Is Your Agency in Compliance with SB 1383?

The SB 1383 draft regulations place a number of requirements on cities, counties and special districts that provide solid waste collection services. This month, ILG participated in a webinar with our affiliate CSDA where we shared the requirements, including providing mandatory collection to all generators, conducting education and outreach on organics recycling to all residents and businesses, record keeping, reporting, and enforcement. Even though the SB 1383 regulations don’t go into effect until January 1, 2022, all applicable local agencies need to start planning now to adequately resource the programs.

Check out ILG’s Recycling Resource Center to access webinars, case examples and tools to help your agency expand programming and build additional infrastructure to take on organics recycling:

  • Franchise Agreements
  • Procurement
  • Edible Food Recovery
  • Planning and Siting Recycling Infrastructure

Learn more.

COVID-19 Resources for Local Agencies


Resetting the Local Economy after COVID-19
Thursday, July 9

Learn how to quickly and strategically retool local economies in response to COVID-19 impacts on retail, hotels, tourism, industrial and residential markets. Understand the evolving shifts in land use and occupancy, identify sectors that will come back first and learn how to select and implement effective programs that can accomplish recovery in the near term and achieve resiliency over the long term.

Register here.

Preparing Vulnerable Californians for Natural Disasters
Is Your Community Listos (ready)?
Wednesday, July 15

Community members rely on local governments to provide them with timely, accurate information about their local disaster preparedness and response. As we’ve learned throughout history, disasters disproportionately impact seniors, immigrants, non-English speakers, communities of color, people with disabilities, and the poor. Without significant efforts to engage and educate these communities about disaster preparedness, they are destined to suffer repeatedly, disparately, and unnecessarily when disaster strikes.

Join ILG and our partner, the Governor’s Listos California Emergency Preparedness Campaign, as we share data-driven best practices for effectively engaging and educating vulnerable communities about disaster preparedness.

Register here.

ILG and Partner Resources

Sustainability Best Practices During the COVID-19 Crisis

Community resiliency takes many forms. ILG recently completed an update of our sustainability best practices framework that local governments can use in the face of COVID-19. Learn how to model real life examples of sustainable policies and strategies used by cities and counties in our Beacon Program. Learn more.

COVID-19 Webinars on Demand

In June, ILG hosted four webinars related to COVID-19 and the archived presentations and recordings are now available.

Free COVID-19 Resources for Local Government

Don’t forget to visit ILG’s COVID resources page, which tracks the latest developments with COVID-19 and highlights positive local government response efforts that can lend insight to other agencies and provide best practices for recovery efforts in times of crisis. Access the ILG portal here. Our affiliates also have comprehensive resource pages for their members as well:


Find archives of ILG’s newsletters here.

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