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The Energy Coalition


The Energy Coalition (TEC) is a California-based 501(c)3 nonprofit with over 45 years of experience designing and implementing programs and strategies that transform energy use and empower communities to take action. By bringing ideas, technology, and expertise to public agencies, businesses, educators, policy makers and others, TEC is creating the building blocks for a new energy economy in which communities become energy-producing networks and clean energy becomes affordable and accessible for everyone. Our services include:

  • Program design and project implementation: TEC thinks five steps ahead of the ever-changing energy landscape, innovating cutting-edge solutions that transform energy use and generate capital.
  • Marketing and outreach: Using proven marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies, TEC conducts full outreach campaigns to develop brands and motivate communities to take sustainable actions.
  • Education and workforce development: TEC is a statewide provider of award-winning education programs for elementary and middle school students, inspiring organizations, schools, and communities to become change agents for a sustainable future.
  • Policy and master planning: Through partnerships like the Advanced Energy Community project, TEC promotes health, social equity, and environmental justice, ensuring that disadvantaged communities have equal access to the clean energy they need to thrive in our quickly changing energy economy.

As the designer and implementer of the SoCalREN Public Agency Programs, TEC inspires local action to save energy. Through stakeholder coordination with the West Side and North Orange County Cities Energy Partnerships, TEC develops trusted relationships to help public agencies with energy policy and planning.

TEC is proud to have supported numerous public agencies participating in the Beacon Award Program.

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