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Emeryville Turns an Abandoned Card Club Into New Affordable Residential Opportunity


23766_Emeryville_0.gifThe Community Before

In 1998 the King Midas Card Club was nothing more than a rundown, boarded-up building along Emeryville’s San Pablo Avenue.

While the surrounding area was undergoing a renaissance, this corner at San Pablo Avenue at 40th Street was an eyesore, with a parking lot that had become a dumping ground. The club was shuttered after failing to pay taxes and the owners declared bankruptcy. 

The Community Now

23767_Emeryville1.gifThe Emeryville Redevelopment Agency acquired the property for residential uses. Andante opened its doors in 2005. Twenty percent of its 125 condominiums are set aside for families that meet affordable housing guidelines, with half of these units further underwritten for low-income families who can now buy a new home in Emeryville for under $120,000.

The project involved:

  • Building 25 units of affordable housing
  • Creating 15,000 square feet of retail geared toward neighborhood needs
  • Providing 100 construction jobs and 60 permanent jobs

Please note:

Content in this case story may be out of date, or tools used to accomplish the outcomes may no longer be available.  However, in concept this story may still offer a good example.

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