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Discussion Forum Ground Rules


1. Play nicely with others

Psuedonyms are discouraged – Own your thoughts by posting under your own name, so people can appreciate the experience and perspective you bring to a topic.

  • Respect your peers — Treat others and their contributions with respect and foster thoughtful and considerate dialogue.
  • Observe principles of civility — Inappropriate, crude, or abusive language is not only unacceptable, it’s an ineffective way to convince anyone of your point.
  • There are no stupid questions — Everyone’s input is welcomed and honored.
  • Report inappropriate behavior — Report behavior inconsistent with this code to

2. Act in good faith

  • Respect others’ intellectual property — Don’t publish content to which you have no rights.
  • It’s about exchanging information, but not selling services/goods — This Institute exists to support the exchange of information among local officials and create a rich body of information to assist local officials in serving their communities. Self-promotion and hawking of services and wares is not allowed. The resource available to enable you to sell goods and services is We have placed links to Munilink at appropriate places on our site.

3. Promote the community spirit

  • Share the experience — Be an ambassador of the community by encouraging others to join in the discussion, promoting thoughtful sharing of information and discussion, and setting a good example.


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