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Day Labor Publications


Described below are a number of publications to help cities and counties to become more informed about day labor centers.

Day Labor in the Golden State. Public Policy Institute of California, 2007.

In this 2007 report, the Public Policy Institute of California offers a snap-shot view of the day labor market throughout California based on the data collected from the National Day Labor Survey. The report provides a demographic background of day laborers in California, an understanding of how this specific labor market functions within the economy, labor conditions of workers and local government responses to day laborers.

Bay Area Day Labor Programs: Services, Political Environment, and Priorities. The Zellerbach Family Foundation, 2007.

This report by the Zellerbach Family Foundation provides results from interviews with day labor centers across the Bay Area. It highlights the policy options many Bay Area cities have taken in response to the presence of day laborers as well providing a set of three key recommendations for the success of day labor centers within the region.

On the Corner. Abel Valenzuela, et al, 2006.

This report analyzes data from the National Day Labor Survey that interviewed 2,660 day laborers across the country. The report provides demographic information on day laborers, their origins, experiences with labor abuses and wage theft, the growth of day labor centers, and the various classifications of hiring centers.

Day Laborer Hiring Sites: Constructive Approaches to Community Conflict. Los Angeles County Human Rights Commission, 2001.

This report offers an overview of conflict result ion strategies to address the presence of day laborers within communities. Originally prepared by the Los Angeles County Human Rights Commission, the report uses examples from six US cities that use unique solutions to day labor conflicts. The report also includes a roadmap for addressing these issues within your community.

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