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County Adds Multi-faith Awareness to Diversity Training Program


The County of San Mateo is working with the Peninsula Clergy Network to augment the County’s diversity training in multi-faith awareness. These trainings provide participants with the tools to appropriately and comfortably pursue and discuss issues related to religion that will enhance service to clients, staff and the community.

Training participants include Human Resources staff, a county diversity team, and staff of County departments to be identified. These trainings, and associated consultation, will also provide information about clergy and congregations that will enhance the capacity of county departments to expand and diversify their public outreach efforts to inform residents about important county services and activities. It will also offer a basic understanding of the religious diversity of the community, the fundamentals of religion-state relationships, and a greater awareness of the roles and organizational frameworks of religion sector institutions.

The Peninsula Clergy Network is featured in the Institute for Local Government’s A Local Officials Guide to Working with Clergy and Congregations (

For further information, contact: Supervisor Carole Groom, President, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, at; or Peggy Jensen, Deputy County Manager, at

Find information about the Peninsula Clergy Network at or email Rabbi Jay Miller, PCN Executive Director, at

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