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Could ADR make a difference? Don’t know where to start? Try the Institute’s Public Dispute Assessment


The Institute’s Public Dispute Assessment Service assists local officials in determining whether ADR could help to resolve a specific dispute. An initial consultation of up to an hour is available without charge. Either one or both agencies can participate in the Assessment. If further consultation seems useful, those services are available for an hourly fee. The Institute offers this service as part of its Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution Project.

The Assessment will:

  • Make sure all parties to the dispute have been identified
  • Review the history and dynamics of the conflict and the factors that may advance or present obstacles to use of ADR
  • Determine the feasibility of proceeding with ADR
  • (Ideally) help to initiate a successful ADR process

An Assessment is a cost-effective way to find out whether an ADR process might be appropriate and successful. Conversely, the Assessment may identify issues that suggest ADR is not likely to help resolve the dispute. This kind of assessment is most helpful if performed in the early stages of a dispute before litigation or other rights-based processes begin.

To learn more about what is involved in an assessment, see description in the documents and resources pod at right. To discuss this process further, please call 916.658.8208.

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