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Contra Costa Updates Infrastructure for Infill Opportunity


The Community Before

This community was made up of single- and multi-family homes housing primarily seniors and young families.There were also three mobile home parks housing long-time residents of Bay Point and a small commercial strip with some vacant lots or underused storefronts.

It had been 20 years since any development had occurred in the neighborhood. Many of the homes were deteriorating and the public infrastructure needed modernizing. 

The Community Now

The goal of the North Broadway Area Infrastructure Program was to improve the physical condition of the neighborhood. With $7 million from the Contra Costa Redevelopment Agency, the neighborhood received storm drains, widened streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalks and new or improved streetlights. In addition, a vacant, 10-acre parcel in the heart of the neighborhood that was once an auto junkyard was cleaned up by its owners. The community supported infill housing at the site. A developer has since built 69 single-family homes and is completing a 52-unit, affordable apartment project.

The results included:

  • Installing basic infrastructure such as storm drains and sidewalks
  • Updating existing street and lighting systems
  • Building 52 new affordable apartments (in progress) and 69 single family homes
  • Providing a day care center



Please note:

Content in this case story may be out of date, or tools used to accomplish the outcomes may no longer be available.  However, in concept this story may still offer a good example.

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