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Connecting Safe Routes to School with Health

Post SF Bay Area

In this 60 minute webinar, Arthur Wendel will discuss how Safe Routes To School (SRTS) provides health benefits.

  • Learn how walking or bicycling to school can increase physical activity, provided children do not reduce other forms of activity. 
  • Explore SRTS as a strategy to reduce VMT.  SRTS efforts reduce automobile trips to school, less air pollution is created, and infrastructure surrounding schools is designed to support safe travel.
  • Understand the other positive benefits, such as increased social capital or improved academic performance that might be realized, as well as, the effect of Safe Routes to School infrastructure on others beyond the student population.


This webinar is part of the Safe Routes to School Coaching Action Network Webinar Series, developed by America Walks and the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

For more information please contact Michelle Gulley, at


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