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Community & Individual Action Case Stories


Providing reliable and objective information helps residents understand the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change. Involving the public in the development of climate change policies and programs builds community awareness and support for local actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including their co-benefits.

Each story includes lessons learned, links to additional resources and can serve as examples other agencies may consider and adapt to meet their communities’ unique circumstances.

Case Story

City of Fremont – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

The Fremont city council appointed a “green” task force to provide recommendations on how the city could be more sustainable and address climate change.

Case Story

City of Manhattan Beach – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

Manhattan Beach established an Environmental Task Force composed of residents and city officials to develop recommendations to the City Council to address a range of environmental challenges, including the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Case Story

City of Mountain View – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

In early 2008, at the request of the Mountain View city council, over sixty Mountain View residents volunteered to participate in an environmental sustainability task force.

Case Story

City of Pasadena – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

The City of Pasadena appointed a resident environmental advisory commission that meets monthly with city staff and the public. The city also organizes events to increase awareness of the importance of climate change and other environmental efforts among all residents.

Case Story

City of San Carlos – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

San Carlos offers a number of ways community members can participate in the city’s efforts to address climate change.

Case Story

City of South Pasadena – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

South Pasadena encourages residents to become involved with the city’s efforts to raise awareness and stimulate action on climate change by serving on a city commission, collaborating on a bicycle master plan, and volunteering to plan the annual Green Living Expo/ Clean Air Car Show/ Film Festival.

Case Story

County of Monterey – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

Monterey County offers homeowners a voluntary green building certification program, StepUp2Green, as an opportunity to have their home green certified.

Case Story

County of San Mateo – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

San Mateo County has undertaken a variety of efforts to educate residents, local businesses and employees about climate change and green practices, including an educational website, a “green bag” lunch lecture series, and a green business certification program.

Case Story

North Park Main Street Small Business Energy Makeover

A best practice case study developed by Pat Stoner, Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Coordinator.

Case Story

The Oakland Green Jobs Corps

Local efforts to reduce energy dependence and slow the threat of global warming have the potential to create significant business opportunities. But as the emerging “green economy” grows in Oakland and throughout the East Bay, where can business leaders turn for skilled green collar labor? Enter the Oakland Green Jobs Corps, a program to meet the needs of local green businesses and provide green job training and employment opportunities for low-income residents.

Case Story

Redwood City Green@Home

Green@Home is a program aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of households by sending trained community-based volunteers to visit neighbors in their homes, install several energy-saving devices, and perform a home energy assessment.

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