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Colma’s Economic Planning


Location: Colma
Issue: Colma’s Planning/Economic
Methodology: Facilitated Meeting

Colma’s distinctive history and land use mix makes our local economy unique. While our cemeteries are our largest landowners, our local revenue is primarily dependent on auto sales and a well-known local card room. In order to protect these important revenue sources, while also diversifying our tax base, Colma is undertaking its first Economic Development Plan.

Colma staff and officials recognize the best way to serve the business interests of our town is to undertake a wide-ranging public engagement project that includes stakeholders such as business, cemetery and land owners, as well as residents and community groups. Once completed, our outreach program could be a model for other small towns looking to draft their first economic policies, especially those with unique land use mixes and uncommon industries.

Through a series of focus groups, workshops and surveys, Colma staff will be involving citizens in some very important policy decisions. This isn’t marketing a pre-conceived plan, it’s involving residents in a central issue for the town.

CSC supported this project with a $7,500.00 Catalyst Grant.

Case story provided Common Sense California ( Colma is a grantee of Common Sense California’s 2008 Citizen Engagement Grant Program.


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