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Climate Leadership Survey on Public Engagement


Please answer the short survey below to share your agency’s experiences and strategies for success on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through civic engagement policies and programs.

Because we value openness and transparency, we asked that you log in to our website to share your community’s efforts in reducing greenhouse gases. We thank you in advance for taking the time to share information that can be helpful to other communities throughout the state on ways to combat climate change.


If your agency is undergoing activities to promote public engagement in the context of climate change that are not listed above, please describe.

If your agency has undertaken activities to reach out to the public on climate change other than those listed above, please describe.

Please briefly describe your agency’s civic engagement efforts around climate change, highlighting what you believe are its most unique or outstanding aspects.

Please provide a website link where we can find more information about your agency’s civic engagement and climate change activities, or send an e-mail with information about your program to

We may wish to follow-up with a phone call to learn more about your agency’s climate change and civic engagement efforts. Please provide the name, title, phone number, and email address of a staff person we can contact for more information.

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