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City of Salinas


Community: Salinas (County of Monterrey)

Population: 150,898


The City of Salinas worked to increase enrollment of eligible children for no- and low-cost health insurance by implementing outreach activities at community resource fairs. A Neighborhood Engagement Strategy approved by the city council launched this effort.

Program Highlights

  • Two city-sponsored community resource fairs provided excellent opportunities to inform families about affordable health insurance options for their children.
  • The city invited health plans that offer children’s health insurance to participate in the fairs.
  • Community-based organizations, social service agencies and other local organizations serving families also participated in the fairs.
  • The city plans to continue inviting health plans to future community events to spread the word about affordable children’s health insurance.

The community resource fairs attracted residents from throughout the city, and a wide variety of community organizations and agencies hosted booths and exhibits. At the fairs, health plan representatives talked to families about various insurance options. One health plan reported more than 500 attendees visited its booth. Residents attending the fairs enjoyed the opportunity to connect with local agencies, health plans and community-based organizations to learn more about the public services offered in the community.


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