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City of Riverside


Community: Riverside (County of Riverside)

Population: 296,842


The City of Riverside implemented a pilot program, Riverside Healthy Kids, to enroll eligible children in affordable health insurance through a range of innovative activities. The city partnered with local health plans, the county Children’s Health Initiative, schools and community-based organizations to conduct outreach and enrollment activities. With funding from a local community foundation, the city hired a part-time staff person to coordinate the program’s activities. These included two successful enrollment events, outreach activities at schools and personal one-on-one outreach to families at community events.

Program Highlights

  • Riverside used neighborhood community centers as a focal point for outreach to families, combining enrollment events with community celebrations at the centers.
  • The part-time staff member who coordinated the program activities became a certified application assistant to help families fill out the health insurance application.
  • Personal outreach from a bilingual city staff member at various informal community events, such as Movie Night in the Park, contributed to the success of the city’s efforts.
  • The mayor informed the city’s part-time employees who do not receive dependent coverage about affordable health insurance options for their children. The city collaborated with a local nonprofit agency to help interested employees complete the application process.

The staff person organized two highly successful enrollment events at community centers and coordinated outreach efforts with schools. Riverside’s comprehensive program used a wide-range of activities to reach parents of eligible children, including stand alone enrollment events, enrollment events combined with community celebrations, personal outreach at city-sponsored activities, and personal assistance to families to complete the enrollment application process.




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